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OSSOBUCO - Italian Braised Veal Shanks

Ossobuco is a famous #Milanese casserole of slow braised shin of veal cooked in white wine with tomatoes. Is a #high-protein / #low-carb preparation suitable for #ketogenic diet.

"White" (ie without tomato) version of this recipe is considered the most ancient one, in fact tomato in 1700 was already widespread in many Italian regions, but ignored by the Milanese cuisine. The plant was considered, at the time, even poisonous with an exclusively ornamental function. Only at the end of the following century tomato will appear in preparations of this area. Ossobuco as well as being served alone, can be accompanied by polenta, mashed potatoes, buttered spinach and, of course, Milanese risotto. The City of Milan, with a resolution of the City Council of 14-12-2007, has granted the recognition of the Municipal Name (DeCo.) to this dish. The DeCo. (Municipal Name) indicates the belonging of a product, or a dish to a territory.


#Barbera dell’Oltrepò Pavese


2 oz butter 1 medium onion chopped 1 clove garlic 4 large pieces shin of veal 4-6 cm thick 2 cups dry white wine 2 level tablespoon tomato purée

one lemon

parsley to taste

rosemary to taste

3 cups meat stock salt and freshly milled black pepper to taste

8 tablespoon all-purpose flour

PREPARATION The first step is to flour the meat on both sides and in a large pan brown them with half the butter.

blend with white wine. Cover the pan and cook over low heat, stirring occasionally and sprinkle with the broth as needed. Meanwhile, prepare the minced (#gremolata) finely chopping garlic, parsley, lemon peel, sage and rosemary. Add it to the meat together with the remaining butter and tomato pureè, let it cook for 15 minute and serve.

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