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Five typical Italian Dinner Meals

Dinner is a fundamental moment for Italians and is never expected before eight in the evening. All family members, in fact, at the end of the work day, gather around the table and, without haste, conversing, consume the main meal of the day.


If you think of a healthy dish, a recipe immediately comes to mind: the vegetable soup minestrone. The great classic of Italian tables, is a recipe that changes depending on the season of the year depending on the vegetables available. There is no right or wrong recipe, but here I describe the one that contains the most used ingredients. Click here for the recipe


Devilled chicken is a second course of meat typical of Italian cuisine, such as chicken cacciatore. Of Roman origin, it is also very popular in other Italian regions that have given rise to many other delicious variations. Easy to prepare at home, generally a whole chicken is used, but you can also use only the thighs, the chest and / or the fins, depending on your tastes (the result will be less dramatic but equally tasty). The secret to the success of this dish is in the crispy cooking of the chicken and in the marinade based on chilli. The recipe is low in carbohydrates and suitable for #ketogenic diet regimens. Click here for the the recipe.


Simple and tasty, one of the recipes that has made Italian gastronomy famous in the world. A signature dish of Italian cuisine made from a few ingredients: spaghetti, tomato, basil and parmesan cheese. Click here for the recipe


The lasagna are made of a fresh pasta cut into roughly rectangular sheets, called lasagna which are arranged in a variable sequence of layers, each of which is separated by a filling that varies according to the different local traditions. In the regions of southern Italy, where the oldest recipes of this particular preparation of lasagna come from Lasagne are present in different versions, each one with its own specific flavor in most cases without tomato. In northern Italy, the "alla bolognese" version of the recipe is almost universally adopted. Click here for the recipe.


This first course belongs to the city of Milan culinary tradition. Milanese risotto, also called “saffron risotto” is a very old recipe, legend says that more than 500 years ago, while an artist was preparing the dye to colour the window glass of the city cathedral (Il Duomo di Milano) by accident poured some saffron powder into the nearby pan of rice.

To cook the proper "risotto alla Milanese" it is required to the use of some beef bone marrow and meat stock during the preparation, and this of course would exclude this dish being classified as for vegetarian. Click here for recipe.

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