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Tenerumi and cucuzza longa

Aggiornamento: 25 set 2019

The cucuzza and tenerumi soup is the Sicilian summer soup par excellence, prepared with long summer long zucchini and their tenderest leaves, called tenerumi. It is a classic with a sweet and savoury flavour.


(for 4 servings)

8 oz broken spaghetti

10 oz Tenerumi (soft leaves of summer zucchini)

10 oz. Long Summer Zucchini

12-14 cherry tomatoes

2 cups tomato sauce

12-14 small meatballs

1/2 onion

1 potato

3 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil

2 tablespoons grated pecorino cheese

salt to taste

flaky chilli to taste


  • First, clean and cut the tenerumi into small pieces, removing the stems.

  • Peel and dice the long summer zucchini.

  • Chop the onion and potato and brown them before adding the zucchini and tenerumi.

  • Also add the tomatoes, cover, lower heat and cook for about 15 minutes: the zucchini will release their water.

  • Add the meatballs.

  • Season with salt and chilli, and cook for another half hour, adding water if necessary.

  • At this point, add more water (about 3 cups) and when it comes to a boil add the pasta, not forgetting to adjust salt and pepper again.

  • Cook mixing often to prevent the dough from sticking to the bottom.

  • When the pasta is cooked, serve the soup with a drizzle of raw oil and pecorino.

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