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Simple Italian Christmas Cookies

The Christmas cookies are ricotta cheese pastries very soft and with a light consistency. Perfect for breakfast or as a snack, they are among the most popular biscuits for children. They are made with eggs, flour, sugar and have the ricotta cheese as the fat part of the dough, which is used instead of most of the butter in the dough. These cookies are less caloric and more digestible than their correspondents with a mixture based on only butter


300 g All purpose Flour 150 g Sugar 150 g Ricotta cheese 1 Egg yolk 50 g Butter a teaspoon of baking powder vanilla to taste grated peel of a lemon


Melt the butter. Put the sugar, the ricotta cheese and the egg yolk in a bowl and mix well with a spoon so that they blend well together. Add the flour, baking powder and melted butter little by little. Knead vigorously until a smooth and homogeneous dough is obtained. Divide the dough into balls the size of a walnut, lightly crush them with your hands and place them on a baking sheet with parchment paper. Bake Christmas cookies in a preheated oven at 180 degrees for about 15 minutes until golden brown.

OPTIONAL: Sprinkle with icing sugar or sugar frosting (1 cup powdered sugar, 2-3 tablespoons milk and vanilla to taste) and coloured sprinkles to garnish them.

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