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SALAMELLA SANDWICH - Italian Sausages Hot Sandwich

Salamella is a fresh pork #sausage to be eaten cooked in a hot sandwich. It is produced all year round in Lombardy and mainly consumed as #streetfood during fairs and events. For its preparation are used exclusively pork belly or shoulder and the meat is coarsely minced and flavoured with a mix of spices that make the flavour of this grinder cooked meat unique.

There are different types of salamella with protected geographical indication (PGI) within the Lombardy region: 1) fresh salamelle with garlic from Caderzone 2) Mantua salamelle 3) Horse salamelle

The recipe for the preparation is absolutely simple and intuitive, the key to the taste is the quality of the raw material. The salamella should be cooked on the grill and eaten with warm Italian bread accompanied by onions and peppers also grilled.

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