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Making the Italian Cream Pudding - Panna Cotta - Easy and Simple Deli

Panna cotta is a type of Italian pudding, obtained by combining cream, milk and sugar, mixing them with isinglass and letting the mixture cool. Can be served with fruits and caramel sauce.

This recipe takes its origins in the North of Italy, Piedmont region. If made with Erythritol, Stevia or other sweeteners is a good keto / low carb recipe.

INGREDIENTS 2 cups of cream for cakes 1 cup of milk 1 cup of sugar 3 gelatine leaves

1 teaspoon vanilla essence 4 tablespoons caramel

PREPARATION Soften the gelatine in a small bowl with cold water for 15 minutes. In a saucepan, pour the cream and milk, add the sugar and the essence of vanilla and place over low heat. Add the well-squeezed the gelatine leaves and stir to dissolve the gelatine. Now pour the mixture into single-portion molds and place in the fridge for at least 6 hours. Then turn the molds over and garnish the panna cotta pouring the caramel on top.

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