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Licorice liqueur

Aggiornamento: 26 set 2018

Liquorice liqueur is typical of the Calabria region. It is a strong flavored #liqueur with a full bodied and velvety consistency. It is excellent served iced or to accompany ice cream and mousse. This liqueur can be easily made at home, either using licorice pieces or even powdered licorice.

It is a good digester because it counteracts gastric acidity and protects the stomach, but also as an anti-inflammatory. It is very effective in the treatment of cough and sore throat.

INGREDIENTS 100 gr. hard licorice in pieces 600 gr. Brown sugar 600 gr. water 600 gr. 95 ° pure alcohol 190 proof


Dissolve the #licorice in 200 ml of water, stirring occasionally. Prepare the syrup by bringing the remaining water and sugar to a boil. Let the syrup cool down completely and add licorice and alcohol. Bottle and serve iced.

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