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Italian wedding soup - Minestra maritata

Aggiornamento: 25 dic 2018

The #wedding soup is a typical dish of Campania origin, usually prepared according to Neapolitan tradition for celebration days, as on the occasion of Christmas and Easter. The name "maritata" derives from the fact that meat and vegetables are "married" by joining together to form this tasty dish. The recipe over the years has been significantly altered, eliminating or modifying the ingredients: chicory, small escarole ("scarulelle"), cabbage, and borage, which gives it a bitter note. There are also variations of the soup where you use as a vegetable the catalogna chicory (or asparagus chicory) (in Neapolitan: #puntarelle). The meat used for the dish is usually pork (#sausages, bacon and shoulder). The soup is served with toasted bread but in the past it was used typical fried cornmeal fritters ("#scagliozzi") placed at the bottom of the plate. To" import it " in Campania this rich soup were probably Spanish in the 1300s. In Spain, in fact, a very similar soup is prepared, known as “Olla Potrida” that would probably give rise to the wedding soup in Naples, and a few centuries later to the typical "cassoeula" in Lombardy region.


(for 5 people) 1 smooth endive 1 curly escarole 1/2 cabbage black broccoli 150 g chicory 200 g beef 200 g chicken 300 g 1 sausages 3 pork ribs 1 ham bone (optional) 1 stalk of celery 1 carrots 1 white onion 2 laurel leaves water 4 lt slices of toasted bread

grated pecorino cheese to taste salt and ground black pepper to taste

PREPARATION Blanch each vegetable separately and set aside while waiting for the board to be ready. Prepare the edge of meat by combining all the ingredients and cooking over low heat for 3-4 hours. The #wedding soup should be served steaming, having the foresight to put in each dish all the elements that compose it (each type of vegetables, meat and broth). As a final touch, a sprinkling of grated #pecorino cheese. The soup should be served with slices of toasted bread or #polenta fritters.

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