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How to make the Italian Tagliata Steak - Grilled ​​beef with rocket and parmesan flakes

La Tagliata di Beef is a very tasty meat dish usually served with rocket and parmesan flakes. Very easy to prepare.

The cuts of meat chosen to make this simple recipe are sirloin, fillet or entrecote of beef and usually come from valuable breeds such as Chianina or Piedmontese. In the United States you can use equally excellent breeds such as Angus or Hereford. La Tagliata is roasted on all sides and cut into transversal slices, served with a fresh salad of rocket enriched with flakes of Parmesan cheese and an emulsion of oil and balsamic vinegar. The cooking process of the sliced ​​beef is the same as the famous and tasty Florentine steak, grilling.


800 gr di carne di manzo

3 cucchiai olio extravergine d'oliva

Sale e pepe q.b.

200 gr di rucola

80 gr parmigiano in scaglie

2 cucchiai Aceto balsamico

il succo di mezzo limone


Make sure the meat has a good thickness (4-5 cm). Heat the plate / grill or rather place the meat on a grill on the grill keeping it away from the flames and cook for 4 minutes on each side. Cooking must be fast but not aggressive. The cut must cook on all 4 sides. When the meat is cooked, season it on both sides with salt and pepper, transfer it on a plate, then cut slices across it and place on a bed of rocket previously seasoned with oil, vinegar, lemon and salt. Season the sliced ​​beef with an emulsion of oil and balsamic vinegar (or garlic and rosemary if you prefer) and finish with shaved parmesan. Serve immediately.

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