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How to Make Italian Chickpea Pancake - La Farinata - naturally gluten-free

Aggiornamento: 19 nov 2018

The farinata is a pancake made with chickpea flour, used as an alternative to bread, originally from Liguria, and now listed among the most appreciated street food not only in the land of origin. It is naturally gluten-free. The origins of farinata are lost in the mists of time ... Possibly the farinata dates back to Roman times: since wheat flour was a luxury that the soldiers could not afford, they prepared a mixture of chickpea flour and water which they then cooked in the sun, using their shields as Pans.


4 cups Chickpea flour 5 tablespoons Extra virgin olive oil 0.4 gallons Water Salt and ground black pepper to taste


Put the chickpea flour in a bowl and gradually pour the water into the center, stirring carefully. Salt the dough. Put the oil in the pan and pour the farinata mixing well. The dough must have a liquid consistency and once poured into the pan should not exceed the thickness of 2 cm. Put in the oven at maximum heat (250 ° C) for about half an hour (until golden brown), sprinkle with black pepper and serve cut into pieces.

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