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How do you order coffee in Italy?

There are several ways to make coffee at the bar and they depend on personal taste and the Country you are in.

But how do Italians take coffee at the bar?

How many and which are the most common ways to have coffee at the bar in Italy?

Let's see them together.


or simply "un caffè"

It is the most classic way to get coffee that is strong and very creamy. It is prepared with about 7 grams of roasted and ground coffee, served in the classic small cup (very hot) and has a volume that does not exceed half of the cup itself.


It is one of the most popular coffees and consists of an espresso to which the barman adds hot milk with foam. In the case of "macchiato freddo" the milk is added by the customer himself, and not by the bartender using a small milk jug present on the bar counter.

Caffè schiumato (Frothed coffee)

Very similar to macchiato, with the difference is that the barista will not add hot milk but only milk foam.

Caffè decaffeinato (Decaffeinated coffee)

It is an espresso made with a Coffee blend made without caffeine.

Caffè Lungo (large coffee)

Large coffee should not be confused with double coffee. While in the latter in fact there are two cups of espresso in one, in the long one just a single cup (espresso one) left to fill more. The difference in this case will therefore be in the taste, stronger in one, lighter in the other.

Caffè doppio (Double coffee - 2 shots espresso)

It is a cup of coffee that contains two doses of coffee. Basically they will make two coffees, served in a single cup. Not to be confused with long coffee that instead will be a single dose made to "flow" longer than normal.

Caffè ristretto (Restricted coffee)

Exactly the opposite of the long one, in fact it is a cup of espresso coffee that has a much stronger flavor considering that the coffee blend is added with very little water.

Caffè con panna (Coffee with cream)

Coffee with cream is a normal espresso with whipped cream above.

Caffè al ginseng (Ginseng coffee)

It is not coffee but a drink of Asian origin with a flavor that resembles that of almonds

Caffè d’orzo

It is not coffee and it is without caffeine and corresponds to the coffee of barley

Crema di caffè (Coffee cream)

Grandpa's coffee, or coffee cream, is very common in bars in Naples. It is often consumed in Summer and due to its creaminess it becomes almost like a dessert.

Caffè Shakerato (Shake coffee)

It is a coffee-based drink prepared using espresso coffee, vanilla liqueur and some ice cubes, but it is also possible to ask for it "senza alcohol" (virgin).

Granita di caffè

It is a coffee slush usually served without cream


It is an evolution of the "bicerin di Cavour" and it is a coffee drink created in the Turin area. It is served in a small glass with a shot of espresso and cocoa powder and milk froth.

The cocoa is dusted in the glass before and after having pour the coffee. In Alba, the home of the Italian chocolate cream, Nutella is used instead. The Marocchino name is derived from its color, as Moroccan was a type of light brown leather (the "Morocco leather") used in the '30s to make hair bands.

Caffè corretto (Coffee with alcohol)

It is an espresso added with sambuca or grappa or other distillate. In the north of the country it is one of the favorites.


It is espresso in a large glass with hot milk. The difference with cappuccino is in the greater quantity of milk without foam.


A cappuccino is an approximately six-ounce cup for hot milk and milk foam beverage, with one espresso coffee in it.

American coffee

It is an espresso coffee with the addition of hot water to make it larger (7-8 ounces)

NOTE: In many bars a small glass of sparkling water is served before drinking coffee. It is used to prepare the palate to the taste.

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