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Five Italy's Traditional Pasta Dishes

Cheap, tasty and easy to make!

Learn about 5 of the absolute classics of the traditional Italian cuisine.

Norma sauce is used to prepare a dish made of pasta, usually macaroni (or rigatoni or penne), topped with tomato and with the subsequent addition of fried aubergines, ricotta salata cheese and fresh basil. Pasta alla Norma is an original recipe from the city of Catania (Sicily), a tribute to Norma Opera, by Vincenzo Bellini. It is a vegetarian friendly recipe. Click here for recipe

Starting from 2018 spaghetti with tuna is now officially part of the traditional Bolognese recipes deposited by the Italian Academy of Cuisine at the Chamber of Commerce of Bologna. Click for recipe

Pasta Fagioli (Pasta and Beans) is an amazing tasting, hearty, Italian soup, perfect for the cold season and pressure pot. Pasta and beans is a typical first course of traditional Italian cuisine based on short pasta (small tube shaped) and beans. In this classic version I used ditalini pasta and borlotti beans, but the many regional versions admit variations in the choice of the type of these two main ingredients. In its more rustic version it is flavored with pancetta, as in Neapolitan pasta and beans. Click here for recipe

The origins of the simple dish are unclear, but what is straight forward is the name which is derived from the Italian word for charcoal burners, and is a common believe that the recipe was first made as an hearty meal for these workers. The #Carbonara is prepared with “#guanciale” (cured hog jowls), and absolutely no added cream: the secret to achieve a nice creamy consistency is to add some pasta cooking water (rich in starch) to the sauce made with eggs and #cheese. Click here for recipe

The #orecchiette, “little ears” with turnip greens sauce are a distinctive pasta shape from #Puglia Region named after its round concave aspect recalling of the silhouette of an ear. In Puglia are homemade by housewives, strictly by hand, and can be dressed in a thousand ways: with tomato and minced meat sauce, with peas or with squid ink. Although the ideal seasoning is the famous turnip greens sauce, that with its bitter aftertaste enhances even more the flavour of this speciality. Click here for the recipe

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