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Cassata - Sicilian Ricotta Cake

The Sicilian cassata derives its name from the Latin word "caseum", which means cheese. This is a traditional Sicilian cake made with ricotta cheese, sponge cake, marzipan and candied fruit. It was born to celebrate Easter but today it has become a common dessert throughout the year.


sponge cake about 10 inch square

8 oz marzipan

green food colouring

1 cup fondant icing

for the stuffing

1 cup of dark chocolate chips

1/2 cup candied orange diced

5 cups ricotta cheese

2 cups icing sugar

vanilla to taste

for decoration

Mixed candied fruit (oranges, cedar, mandarins, pears, cherries, figs, etc.) to taste

for the royal icing

1 album

1/2 cup vanilla icing sugar


Line a round cake tin (about 8-9 inch) with the properly shaped sponge cake (1 inch thick).

Inside pour the prepared filling, mixing ricotta, sugar, chocolate chips, vanilla and candied orange. Close with sponge cake.

Refrigerate for an hour and turn out the cassata.

Decorate the edge of the cake with a strip of green coloured marzipan. Brush everything with the fondant icing and leave it dry.

Prepare the royal icing by mixing the egg white and sugar. Decorate to taste with candied fruit arranged over the cassata, as in a photograph and make small decorations with royal icing using a pastry bag.

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